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Перед смертью не надышишься :)

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Алтай и Netflix "Марко Поло"
Фрактальный иней © Светлана Казина, Горный Алтай
"Живу в горном селе, без воды, отопления, часто без света, часто в горах и мне всегда есть, чем заняться)) Никаких встреч, Я - ОДИНОЧКА и эгоист."

Республика Алтай входила в Кыргызский Каганат (840 — 924 г. н.э.)


Завтра 12 го декабря у Netflix выходят все 10 серий "Марко Поло" о том, как Монголия интереснее Венеции :))

Трейлер выглядит мачо, но хотя бы ноги женщинам не бинтовали
"Все монгольские женщины рождаются конными лучницами"


Упоминают также принцессу Кутулан, которую отец обещал тому, кто ее победит в борьбе, в итоге она вышла замуж только в зрелости

Another really intriguing aspect of this period is the role of women. This is Khutulan (played by Claudia Kim), the Mongolian princess, in a Mongolian wrestling match with the character Byamba. And this character, who emerges in later episodes, is based on a historical figure. No one really knows who she is, but she is fascinating. According to Marco Polo, she was an undefeated wrestler. Men would come to ask her father for her hand, and he would have them wrestle with her. If they could defeat her, they could marry her. If they lost, they would have to give her father 100 horses. History states that her father bargained many horses, and that Khutulan didn't marry until very late in her life!

А также факт, что почти все путешествия (кроме пути из Венеции и назад) Марко совершил на службе у Кублай Хана

Here we have Marco Polo and Kublai Khan travelling together. We actually shot this in Malaysia, and so we had to match to material we shot in Kazakhstan. So this is on the back lot and we set up these gerrs (people are more familiar with the Turkish term 'yurt', but Mongolians say 'gerr').
One of the most interesting historical threads in the show is the relationship between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan. Marco Polo’s been buried under this dry mythology for too long, and so few people realise that the bulk of his 17 years in China were spent in Kublai's service. We think of his famous travels, but other than his journey out there and his eventual journey home, all of his travels were in the service of Kublai Khan. He was sent on special missions and that began when Kublai realised that this young Venetian kid possessed what he called an “uncommon gift of perception.” The great Italian writer Italo Calvino picked up on that in his book Invisible Cities, where he portrayed Marco Polo and Kublai Khan as kindred dreamers.

Фотографии тут http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/11273746/Marco-Polo-John-Fusco-History-Lorenzo-Richelmy-Benedict-Wong.html?frame=3128440

Бюджет $90 млн превышает первый сезон "Игры престолов" $60 млн, но по сценарию отзывы негативные

Netflix's Marco Polo Is Everything That's Wrong With Game of Thrones

Трейлер http://youtu.be/u5Y5Z7TZP58