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Перед смертью не надышишься :)

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Еще радфем ссылки
(все на английском)
1. Клиенты проституток объявили себя угнетаемым секс-меньшинством
Johns are now an oppressed sexual minority

2. Понравилось: о смысле "социального конструкта"

3. О "классовой идентификации" квир-бедных /транс-бедных

However much you “perform” poverty – however much you queer it – it is, by its very nature, not something you get to choose. It is not something you can experience just because the idea of oppression attracts you: You will never understand how it feels to live your life, With no meaning or control, or with nowhere else to go. And thus it is with gender. Grow your hair or don’t grow it. Wear a dress or don’t wear one. Play with trains or play with dolls. Pick your pronouns, pick your friends, but if you are not born female in a hierarchy which positions women as less than men, you will never be in a position to experience what gender is and does to women and girls.
glosswatch (via genderheretic)
Оригинал текста радфемки: http://glosswatch.com/2014/06/24/finding-privilege-class-gender-and-social-justice-tourism/

4. Радфем-реакция на статью в Slate о воспитании детей с учетом транс идеологии
Boy or girl? Why not have a stereotype instead?

5. Домашнее насилие в Англии повышается на 38% во время Кубка Мира
@NYMag: Domestic violence in England increases by as much as 38 percent when the national team loses a World Cup game. http://t.co/FsIkWR48OT

6. Почему согласия на секс недостаточно
Why consent is not enough http://feministcurrent.com/

7. В полицейских сводках отсутствует до 1 млн случаев изнасилования
@schemaly: There are probably >1,000,000 rapes missing from police records bc of decades of undercounting http://t.co/C2x02ju0aN

8. США одна из 3 стран без декретного отпуска для матерей
@urbaninstitute: The US is one of only a few countries that does not require some form of paid maternity leave, reports @beccarosen http://t.co/ByLvFbhSUz

@micnews: Obama on paid maternity leave: "If France can figure this out, we can figure this out.” http://t.co/1bwro1rW3R http://t.co/oDf0qxAWga

9. Форбс: Воруют ли мужчины идеи у женщин
@dinaperla: #Forbes: #Women's Ideas: Do Men Intentionally Steal Them? http://t.co/LhU0Ntko When men say the same thing, it suddenly is brilliant :)

10. Black Trans Women = Negro Bed Wenches

11. Абортные войны:
@Cosmopolitan: Supreme Court ruling raises MAJOR questions about how to protect
abortion clinic patients: http://t.co/XVYso3wS6d

The Eggs and Us- The Abortion Wars Rage On


12. Нагота не о сюжете а об обьектности
@MeghanEMurphy: "Women’s nudity isn’t about plot, it’s about treating women as objects and men as human beings." http://t.co/SSFhZ2Jgq3 via @SocImages

13. @RabidFeminist: Not All Men: A Brief History of Every Dude’s Favorite Argument | TIME

14. От 8 марта- о том что половая разница в мозге обусловлена стереотипами
@Telegraph: Difference between men and women's brains caused by a "drip, drip, drip" effect of gender stereotyping http://t.co/aydJx86bcy #IWD2014

Еще от той же профессорки
@AstonUniversity: In this article for @GdnHigherEd Prof Gina Rippon reflects on what it means to be a scientist and feminist: http://t.co/Sz5bD9LVvY

15. Мораль зависит от текущего языка
Moral Judgments Depend on What Language We’re Speaking

16. @guardian: Women being masturbated at in public isn't as rare as you might think http://t.co/Ka1Cd4WKjX @LifeandStyle @everydaysexism

17. @GIDWatch: Kicking against our foremothers: does feminism have an ageism problem? http://t.co/gom4zheE8N

18. @micnews: ’Daily Show’ absolutely nails what it’s like to be a woman on campus today http://t.co/bf1KqCw77K http://t.co/LMuqCAZLvL

19. Эмоциональный абзьюз в "50 оттенках серого"
@50shadesabuse: Emotional abuse in 50 Shades : http://t.co/A4luKugwZW As always, there is a trigger warning for all of these links.

20. @GlobalFundWomen: Worldwide, 50 % of sexual assaults are against #girls under 16. http://t.co/c2fQlLKoUK

21. @Salon: I couldn't be famous now: Meryl Streep sounds off on Hollywood's increasingly unrealistic beauty standards. VIDEO http://t.co/cmiBvreWSG

22. June 23, 2014: Tokyo Assemblyman Apologizes for Heckling Female Councillor

23. "The only argument between liberals and conservatives is whether women should be public or private property."
-Commenter Mar Iguana on a Feminist Current article.
спасибо res_extensa

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Офигела от первого линка. Надеюсь, геи им популярно объяснят что почем.

Ага, я вообще в осадке

Вот еще забыла ппц:

Activists Are Outing Hundreds Of Twitter Users Believed To Be 4chan Trolls Posing As Feminists

Офигеть, ну и наглость!

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